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7 advantages of using inventory management software

The benefits are many

It’s pretty evident that using inventory management software is good for your business. You’d be aware that this software helps you keep abreast of stock, sales and purchases. Similarly, inventory management software ensures you can predict future usage and signal when you need to reorder stock.


Key points

  • It’s important to know that using the right window furnishings inventory management software for your business is within reach right now.
  • Inventory management software makes everything from inputting information to taking inventory much easier. Doing a hand count of inventory can take days, but with the right software, the same process can be done in a matter of hours. This boosts your business’ efficiency and cuts down on costs and saves an enormous amount of time.


Highlighting seven advantages

While all of this makes excellent business sense, let’s look at seven advantages of using inventory management software in more depth.

  • Good inventory management software allows for full operational insight. The information at hand allows for action on inbound and outbound product flows.
  • Using inventory management software allows for a quality management overview and keeps tabs on things that can be out of your control such as delayed shipments, broken goods and even human error. Inventory software identifies and tracks the various issues that could occur, and through reports and analytics, provides guidance regarding the factors impacting quality.
  • You can track stock levels and be able to forecast future capacity needs.
  • With inventory management software able to oversee and manage your stock requirements in real-time and increase inventory turns, your business can make the most out of existing shelf space to improve margins. This is important when it comes to cost management.
  • As your business expands you will need software that matches that growth. This ensures growth without adding a significant amount of hardware or system expenses. This means if down the track you enter new markets, introduce new products, or expand your customer base – the right inventory management software solution will keep pace with your business.
  • Inventory management software is capable these days of seamlessly integrating with your products and existing business processes.
  • Integrating inventory management software into your business can simplify the process and help untangle even the most complex requirements into straightforward supply chain solutions that deliver immediate results.


Running a window furnishing or blind business is highly specialised because of the amount of custom orders coming through your system.  The right inventory software means that you can keep on top of orders and stock with minimal time and stress and costs involved with manual processes are a thing of the past. Download this free eBook on Wholesale Business Software here or book in a demonstration today to see how easy this is for your business.

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