No limit to number of Contacts and Addresses

No matter how many contacts and addresses you need, BUZ can store them. For example, real estate agents and builders. See the address on a map.

Collect information as to what products are required

This not only lets the Sales Representative know what the customer is interested in and how manyare required to determine time and what swatches to take into the quote, but also allows you but it also allows you to later compare this to what was purchased.

What marketing is working?

Survey questions can easily be changed to work with the latest campaign. There is no limit to the number of questions or type of questions. This will tell you where exactly your advertising dollar is working and where you can best allocate it.

When is the best time?

The Sales Representatives diary opens to show the distance from each appointment, with those that are close highlighted in green.

Map appointments

At a glance, see the spread of addresses for the days appointments.

Notes important to the customer relationship

Make notes, highlight important points, send messages and add reminders.